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Evening Basics by Angstrom Minerals

 Angstrom Morning basics Mineral Mix

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See Evening Basics label
Angstrom Evening Basics

9 to a case
Body Basics Combo
Includes: 1 Morning, 1 Evening

Dosage: 2 tablespoons as recommended by manufacturer. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for Corrective doses.

Servings per 32 oz Container: 32

Taste: Mild Mineral water taste.

Some minerals are better taken in the morning as they are energy creating minerals. Others are better taken at night as they are minerals that aid in relaxing the body.

Taking your Morning Basics minerals first thing in the morning, helps create energy and vitality for the day. As evening approaches, it is time to take the minerals that calm you down and allow you to have a restful night. Angstrom Evening Basics are the minerals especially formulated for providing the body with essential minerals to obtain a restful, more peaceful sleep.

Per One Ounce Dose

Calcium                           45 mg

Copper                            2.25 mg

Chromium                       450 mcg

Vitamin C   15 mg (as pure ascorbic acid)

Proprietary Blend:



Angstrom Minerals Morning & Evening Basics are angstrom sized minerals in pure water. Angstrom minerals are the smallest minerals known to man. We have gone through several phases of minerals throughout history. First, we had chelated ( said Key-late-ed ), then the big colloidal mineral phase which many people still think are the best minerals because they do not know that angstrom minerals are smaller.

Angstrom minerals are so small they can enter the human cell without digestion. This means more efficient use of the minerals you take. In short, more mineral in your body for your money. Colloidal minerals are much larger than angstrom minerals and may even carry contaminates in the colloid.

Evening Basics was created by Dr Annette Hasalone, the creator of Angstrom Minerals. This special process used to add pure minerals to pure water cannot be duplicated at home with a simple machine. It is a very precise process.

The combination of Morning & Evening Basics, was not meant to be a "kill all", get all of you minerals at once solution, but is the most commonly needed minerals during your day. This theory that you can get everything you will ever need in one tablet, "The magic Bullet theory",is false. Health is much more complex than that. But if you seek help with your health condition, you may wish to purchase the book Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for corrective doses

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