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Morning Basics Mineral blend

 Angstrom Morning basics Mineral Mix

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See Morning Basics label
Angstrom Morning Basics
32 oz bottle

9 to a case
Body Basics Combo
Includes: 1 Morning, 1 Evening

Dosage: 2 tablespoons as recommended by manufacturer. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for Corrective doses.

Servings per 32 oz Container: 32

Taste: Mild Mineral water taste.

So you have been aware of the fact that our current food supply is not giving you the nutrition that you need. You have decided to supplement with a good multi-mineral. But which one? One for the morning and one for the evening. Angstrom Mineral has the answer. The Angstrom mineral blend of Morning basics and Evening Basics.

Multi-Mineral Confusion

In trying to make our life easier, we often want a kill-all-pill. It is the same with your nutrition. You want it simple and easy to manage. But health is more complex than that. What works for one may not work for another as we all eat differently and have different genetic make up.

Choosing a multi-mineral can be a little tough. The problem is that you cannot just jam all of the minerals into one tablet and call it good. Some mineral should be taken separately, like copper. Or taken in combination with the minerals they support like the copper in Angstrom Blood Support.

While a multi mineral tablet may be good, you might get to much of one thing and not enough of another. Some companies have changed to tablets according to age or sex. this can be beneficial in getting the minerals you need.

Tablets, Capsules, or Liquid?

The funny thing about minerals is that most of them come from a rock source. If you high pressure a mineral, what do you get? You get a rock! Most of the time tableted minerals are so hard, they pass right on through to the toilet. or they may not be digested completely before leaving the body. So you are flushing a lot of your money down the drain in unused mineral tablets.

Capsules are better because the mineral is in a finer form. This allows the stomach acid to work on a greater surface area and absorb more of the mineral. But one must be aware that capsules may contain inert ingredients that are used as flow agents for the encapsulation process. It means, a 500 mg capsule may only have 400 mg of the mineral and 100 mg of magnesium sterate or other flow agent. While these flow agents are usually harmless, you just are not getting your moneys worth.

I have to say that most encapsulators increase the size of the capsule to hold the flow agent and the exact amount of the mineral. So a 500 mg of calcium capsule, may even have 600 mg of powder in it to get the 500 mg of the mineral.

Liquid minerals are the best. They are usually minerals dissolved in water and can be more readily absorbed by the body.

Choose Angstrom Minerals

Choose the best! Angstrom Minerals are liquid. But not only liquid, but Angstrom Minerals are the smallest form of the mineral in pure water. Angstrom Morning Basics is a few of the choice minerals to help you get your day started. No fillers, no flow agents, no flavors and no sugar!

32 oz Angstrom Morning Basics

Per One Ounce Dose

Magnesium                     90 mg

Potassium                       22.5 mg

Zinc                                 7.5 mg

Selenium                          100 mcg

Vitamin C      15 mg (as pure ascorbic acid)

Proprietary Blend:



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