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Angstrom Silver Products

Better Than Colloidal Silver Spray | Silver Nasal Spray | Zinc / Silver Throat Spray
Angstrom Silver

Better Than Colloidal Silver Spray

Zinc & Silver Nasal Spray

Better Than Colloidal Silver Spray
with Hydrogen Peroxide
4 oz bottle

Silver Spray

Angstrom Silver from Angstrom Liquid Minerals is:
"The Won't Turn You Blue Silver Dietary Supplement"
Silver has been reported to be effective against more than 650 Microorganisms.

Silver Nasal Spray

Zinc & Silver Nasal Spray
Silver Nasal Spray
$12.99 ea.

Warning: may be painful to sensitive nasal cavity- start slowly

This product has been developed for those who know the power of silver, but not just any junk colloidal silver. This is angstrom Silver, the smallest cell ready silver on the market. It is cell ready, it is so small it enters the virus and kills it in less than 20 minutes. Well, I don't need to sell you on this, this product is for those who all ready know the power of silver.

So back to the point. You know the power of silver, I am not trying to convince you that silver works. Boy, when it comes to a nasal infection, it is faster to apply silver to the problem area than to drink it and make it go through the whole body to the source of the problem. That is where the handy nasal applicator comes to the rescue. Angstrom silver has made a silver product, A silver nasal spray for easy application. Not only Silver, but we have added the infection fighting power of Angstrom Zinc

Just a few answers: Does it taste?

Yes, It is REAL Silver!
Real Silver taste REAL NASTY.

Don't be a wimp! A minute or two of nasty taste, or hours, even worse, days of nasal infection pain.
I know which one I would choose. Do you?

Paul from the U.K. Knows what he would choose.

Customers say:
"Not long ago you kindly sent me a bottle of Angstrom silver in the UK. I have found it very useful. I have been making my own colloidal silver for many years, but the concentration is 30ppm at the most. Home made colloidal silver (while useful for burns and minor infections) has been inadequate to kill an aspergillus (toxic fungus) infection I have in my sinuses, but the Angstrom silver has been helping a great deal. I have found research that suggests that many fungal infections require such a high concentration to kill them. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial with my name and email address if you like."
Paul Holloway.

Zinc & Silver Throat Spray

For all of those sore throat, coughs' and throat pains, Angstrom Minerals has created the Zinc & Silver throat spray. It comes in a convenient 4 oz spray bottle. Spraying the zinc and silver combination directly on the throat can quickly start the healing process. Sickness begins to fade quickly as the Angstrom size minerals enter the cells on contact. You may feel it work in seconds.

Zinc & Silver Throat Spray
Zinc Throat Spray
4 oz bottle

Angstrom Liquid Silver is available in 16 or 32 oz bottles. It has a 300 ppm potency. One of the strongest PPM on the market. One of the strongest measured correctly. Others may claim higher but they do not use a standard method of measuring.

Important note: 300 parts per million (PPM) colloidal silver is NOT Equal to 300 ppm ANGSTROM !
Angstrom Silver
Angstrom Silver
300 ppm

"What we have actually done was rediscover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries. When antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded."      Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.

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