Angstrom Minerals
Angstrom Minerals
The Smallest, Most Cell Ready Minerals on Earth!
Sublingual Mono Atomic Minerals Absorb Almost Instantly!
Angstrom Minerals
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Angstrom Minerals
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Angstrom Relax
ProLine "Super" Minerals
Super Calcium
Super Geranium
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Super Zinc

Angstrom Mineral Concentrates
Bone-ify ™
Miracle Mag ™
Power Potassium ™
Ama-Zinc ™
Travel Sized 2 oz

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Angstrom Minerals do not Expire

Angstrom Minerals are like superman. They are stong and get the job done. There is nothing that harms the integrity of the mineral water. Not heat, not light nor freezing. Angstrom minerals do not have to be refrigerated. They do not rot, spoil, ferment or go bad, ever. So there is no need for an expiration date. The date on the bottle is the date of manufacture. Store in the fridge or the cupboard.

Oh wait, superman has Kryptonite problems. I guess Angstrom minerals do have one nemesis. They come from the earth, they are natural. What is the one thing that turns them bad? Man made earth that's harder than a rock! Cement! Yes cement has an aura or an evil power that emanates about 6 inches above it. Yes, Auras are real. Take a picture of cement with Kirlian photography and you will see it. This aura mixes with the aura of the minerals and makes the ionic bond break. Now the loose ions re-bond to other mineral ions and fall to the bottom of the bottle as sediment. These fallen angels are now colloidal minerals and must be digested to be absorbed.

Choose the most effective mineral supplements on the Earth. Choose Angstrom Minerals!

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