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Angstrom Minerals
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Angstrom Minerals
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Higher absorption rate

Angstrom minerals are 99.9% absorbed. Thus even though they cost more than the cheep Walmart type minerals tablets, they are still cheaper because they actually get the mineral you purchased in to the body. Cheaper is not cheaper if your body cannot use it.

Do the math, regular minerals give you 5%, Angstrom minerals give you about 100 percent. That's 20 time more efficient. So to get the RDA of your desired mineral, you need 20 times less or the RDA times 5 %. So to get 1000 mg of a mineral, you only need 50 mg of Angstrom Minerals.

The rda stated "Because RDAs are intended to reflect the best scientific judgment on nutrient allowances for the maintenance of good health and to serve as the basis for evaluating the adequacy of diets of groups of people, the initial publication has been revised periodically to incorporate new scientific knowledge and interpretations. This is the tenth edition."

"Maintenance" means enough to stay in the current health. To solve a deficiency, you may need higher doses than the RDA. This is to be determined by your doctor, a hair test or self exploration.

Angstrom Minerals (standard strenght) are designed to cover the standard RDA with the recommended dose on the bottle so you do not have to do the math!

However, it you want to do the math, here is how it is done:

Liters of minerals have a concentration in a ration form, or how many parts of the fluid are mineral to the total volume.
ml / Liter = ppm

To fully compare strength of minerals, you must understand how they are measured.
Here is the method for converting (ppm) Parts per Million to Milligrams (mg)

ppm Conversion Formula
ppm / 200 = mg per teaspoon

Silver Example:
We will use the product Angstrom Silver
Angstrom Silver has 300 ppm or 300 parts per million

300/200 = 1.5 mg of silver per Teaspoon

As each mineral has a different concentration, you will have to figure each one separately. that is how you do the ppm conversion for all liquid minerals. Just remember, get pure minerals in water. No sugar, no flavors, just minerals!

Angstrom Mineral
mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Boron 50 ppm .25 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Calcium 1500 ppm 7.5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Chromium 300 ppm 1.5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Cobalt 6 ppm .03 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Copper 150 ppm .75 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Germanium 100 ppm .5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Gold 50 ppm .25 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Iodine 20 ppm .10 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Iron 2000 ppm 10 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Magnesium 3000 ppm 15 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Manganese 400 ppm 2 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Molybdenum 15 ppm .075 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Phosphorus 2000 ppm 10 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Platinum 50 ppm .25 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Potassium 1500 ppm 7.5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Selenium 40 ppm .20 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Silica 700 ppm 3.5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Silver 300 ppm 1.5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Sodium 1000 ppm 5 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Sulfur 2000 ppm 10 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Vanadium 100 ppm .50 mg / teaspoon
Angstrom Zinc 500 ppm 2.5 mg / teaspoon

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