Angstrom Minerals
Angstrom Minerals
The Smallest, Most Cell Ready Minerals on Earth!
Sublingual Mono Atomic Minerals Absorb Almost Instantly!
Angstrom Minerals
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Angstrom Minerals
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What you need to understand about Angstrom Minerals.

1. Angstrom Minerals are best absorbed Sublingual !

Put the minerals under your tongue and count to 15. This allows the cells of the mouth to begin to absorb the mineral. If it is one of the minerals that you think taste bad, try this and see that the bad taste is minimized when placed under the tongue. This is because the mineral is entering the cells and not the taste buds.

2. Angstrom Minerals DO NOT REQUIRE digestion.

They can absorb on the skin, in the mouth, ect. Try that with your tablet of capsule! By bypassing the digestive tract, Angstrom mineral help absorb minerals that tablets and capsules cannot.

3. Angstrom Minerals are predigested & cell ready.

This means no loss in the digestive tract. Tablets and capsules may be only partially digested and thus much of the mineral passes right through and is lost in the bowel movement.  You absorb roughly 5% to 7%. With Angstrom minerals, any cell can absorb and use the mineral now. Thus you get 99.9% absorption.

You need 20 times less Angstrom Mineral to get the same results as tablets & capsules.  RDA is quoted with tablets and capsules. So if you were quoted  1000 mg of a mineral, you only need 50 mg of that mineral in Angstrom Minerals.

Equation:  RDA or quote for mineral x .05 = Mg of Angstrom Minerals.

Each bottle has all of the math done for you if you just take the largest serving size on the side of the bottle. Take the smaller serving size of you just thing you need a little supplement to your diet. 

4. Angstrom minerals are indestructible.

Angstrom minerals do not rot, decay or go bad. Since they are elements of the earth, they cannot go bad. If minerals could rot, the earth would have rotted right out from under our feet.

Angstrom minerals are not affected by heat, light, or freezing. They don not require refrigeration.

The ingredients in other supplements that rot are flavors, color and carbohydrate fillers and preservatives of those things. Since Angstrom mineral have none of these, they do not go bad.

5. Angstrom minerals are mono-atomic.

This means that they are single atoms of minerals bonded to water.
Colloidal minerals and other brands of mineral supplements are particles of minerals floating in water. That is why you have to shake it up before drinking.


6. Mixing minerals.

You can mix several minerals together to drink, but not to store. Without explaining the chemistry of each mineral combination possible, you have to understand that minerals do react with each other. It is pure chemistry. So most Angstrom minerals (essential minerals) can be mixed to drink. Never mix silver with anything. Silver is a non essential mineral.

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