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Angstrom Liquid Minerals

Angstrom sized Minerals Miracle Mag 8 oz Power Potassium 8 oz Ama-Zinc 8 oz Travel Size Minerals Body Basics Mineral blend

Dr. Linus Pauling said,
"Without Minerals, Vitamins are Useless".


We hear about vitamins every day. The old familiar vitamin C that everyone knows is for colds. Have you ever thought of minerals for colds? Zinc and Silver are some of the most effective minerals when it comes to fighting sickness.

Other vitamins like vitamin A come to mind for your eyes and vitamin E for skin. Vitamins are important.

Minerals are more important.

Your body can actually make vitamins from the food you eat. But minerals are the start of all basic building blocks of the body which your body cannot make for itself. You must eat quality foods that contain minerals or take mineral supplements in a form that your body can use. Here is a list of some of our most popular angstrom minerals: Angstrom Zinc, Angstrom Silver, Angstrom Calcium, Angstrom Gold, Angstrom Magnesium, Angstrom Zinc, Angstrom Iron.
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In Minerals, Size Matters!

There are currently three ways to take minerals.
1. Mineral Tablets
Tablets were the first minerals that people used. You get some of the mineral and smash it into a size you can swallow. This helped keep the mineral in a handy little glob. However, since minerals are found in the earth naturally, they usually come from rock. this smashing together is just like mother nature. It makes little Rocks!. Your body was not set up to digest rocks. So while you may digest the top layer and get some of the mineral that you are seeking, the majority of this mineral goes unused. You may even see it in the toilet.
Stop flushing your money down the toilet!

2. Encapsulated Mineral Powders(capsules)
When people realized that more surface area exposed meant more mineral digested, they began to make mineral powders. These powders were messy and hard to ingest. Capsulation was born. A capsule made of gelatin holds the mineral powder until it gets to the stomach and then dissolves. Capsules are better than tablets!, but still have some limitations.

In order to run these minerals through encapsulation machines, flow agents had to be added. While not all flow agents are bad, you might be paying for capsule weight that is not completely the mineral you want. Most capsules are rated by weight of the mineral content and not total weight. Be sure to read the fine print on actually how much mineral is in each capsule compared to the over all capsule size.

Other limitations of the capsule include the use of complex minerals that are bound to other substances like calcium carbonate. You want calcium capsules for calcium, not carbon. But did you know that you are getting 3 carbons for every calcium with calcium carbonate? The Chemistry Symbol is CaCO3. It means three carbons for every calcium. Check your high school chemistry class, you will see the truth.

3. Liquid Minerals
Liquid Minerals are by far the best. They have been dissolved in a liquid, usually water and are in much smaller forms that powdered minerals. Yet there are limitations to liquid minerals. Some people defeat the purpose of vitamins and minerals by adding chocolate flavor or other flavors. By adding all of the pretty colors and dyes and sugar to vitamin and mineral supplements, you are defeating the purpose. The body has to use those minerals to rid itself of all of the pollutants you just added. Be sure to drink pure water and take minerals in their purest form with out additives.

Now that you are in the right classification of minerals, Liquid Minerals, you still must choose the smallest for of mineral. There are mineral powders that have been added to a liquid. They are about the same as capsules. It is time to analyze the mineral itself. How Small is it?

Angstrom Minerals are the smallest form of liquid minerals today.

Why does size matter? Because the smaller the mineral, the less energy it takes to digest or absorb it. In short

More Mineral for your Money !

 Angstrom minerals online 24/7

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