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Angstrom Silver

Angstrom Silver

See OLD Silver label
Same Product
New Label
Labeled for topical use only
As per FDA requirements
See Note Below!
Angstrom Silver
300 ppm = 1.5 mg/tsp

12 to a case
300 ppm = 1.5 mg/tsp
Get Strongest Silver ----     Super Silver 600 ppm

Silver is a non-essential mineral.

Essential Minerals Non-Essential Minerals Correctional

Note: Silver is not a mineral that is essential for life. The new label conforms with the FDA standard for non essential minerals. Thus it is listed as for external use only. So the dosage will have to be removed from our site. You must then follow a doctors guide or some protocol from a freedom of speech publication.

No Fillers 100% Elemental Mineral

Name: Angstrom Liquid Silver

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Ingredients: Silver, Reverse Osmosis Water

Taste: It is REAL Silver! So it does not taste good.

Strength: 300 ppm

ppm Conversion:
300 ppm = 1.5 mg per tsp

Manufacturers Suggested Dosage: 1 tsp

Expiration: Angstrom Minerals DO NOT EXPIRE!
White sticker on the bottle is the date of manufacture.

Suggested use: Non-Essential minerals - Use as you wish.

Silver is a natural element that occurs as a trace mineral in the soil.  Silver has been used for thousands of years for health care.  It is believed that silver, although not essential for any enzyme system, is a systemic disinfectant.

Silver has been reported to be effective against more than 650 Microorganisms.

Customers say:
"Not long ago you kindly sent me a bottle of Angstrom silver in the UK. I have found it very useful. I have been making my own colloidal silver for many years, but the concentration is 30ppm at the most. Home made colloidal silver (while useful for burns and minor infections) has been inadequate to kill an aspergillus (toxic fungus) infection I have in my sinuses, but the Angstrom silver has been helping a great deal. I have found research that suggests that many fungal infections require such a high concentration to kill them. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial with my name and email address if you like."

Paul Holloway.

You Can't make this quality of silver at home. When you use electricity and silver wire, you are making colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is like a beach ball compared to a spec of dust. the Beach ball is the colloidal silver, the spec of dust is the Angstrom silver. Just for an example, your human cell would be like a BB. The spec of dust is so small it could enter the BB, but the beach ball can't. Angstrom silver is so small it can enter the cell with out digestion. That is why we call it the cell ready silver. Colloidal silver has to be digested and broken down and even then it is so large it can get stuck in the skin and turn you blue. that is if you use a lot of it.

Made with our special proprietary formulation, Our Angstrom Silver is pure dietary silver and water. No fillers, flow agents, No additives and of course NO SUGAR! How does it taste? Well.... it does not taste like chocolate! No it is not sweet. In fact,.... it is rather silvery tasting.....Nasty! If you want sweet, get gold or chromium. But silver is the strongest for fighting bacteria & virus' and infections.

Impurities and additives are the factors that turn you blue, along with other factors of genetics.

Why Is It Better Than Colloidal Silver?

Some people claim that their colloidal silver is the smallest for around. They claim to be down to 10 angstroms.
( What Is Angstrom ?)
Our liquid silver supplement is ANGSTROM, one Angstrom, hence the name Angstrom Liquid Minerals-

Smaller than colloidal- More absorbable than Colloidal!

Our Liquid Silver supplement is 99.9 % useable by the body and starts to enter the cell as son as you put it in your mouth - No digestion required!
Get the most from your Dietary Silver Supplement! Choose Angstrom

If you are not getting angstrom sized minerals you are throwing away 93% to 95 % of your money. You see, traditional minerals are only about 5% to 7% max absorbable. the rest goes out with the trash.

Angstrom Minerals are 99.9% abaorbable. what does it mean. Plain & simple more mineral in your body for less money.

" What we have actually done was rediscover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries.when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver as an antibiotic were discarded."      Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D.

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