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Angstrom Liquid Calcium Magnesium

Angstrom Calcium Magnesium
See Cal/Mag label
Angstrom Calcium / Magnesium
Calcium 1500 ppm / Magnesium 3000 ppm

9 bottles to a case
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Dosage: 2 Tablespoons or 1 ounce. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for Corrective doses.

Taste: The Magnesium over powers the Calcium and has a strong bitter salt flavor.

OK! Everyone knows you need calcium, but calcium can be a little constipating. Magnesium is the bowel mover. Angstrom Liquid Calcium with Magnesium mix is the perfect blend of calcium and magnesium in the favor of magnesium 2:1. Just like it is in your bones.

Most of us know about calcium from many television commercials about milk. But are teeth and bones the only place calcium is used? No, calcium also helps in muscle contractions. Especially smooth muscle like in the heart. Angstrom calcium magnesium mix (Angstrom Calmag)is a special blend to balance the constipating attributes of calcium with magnesium, a laxative mineral.

Magnesium helps in over 300 enzymatic functions other key functions of the body. Without enough magnesium, calcium cannot be used to perform work. Without enough calcium you may experience tooth decay, muscle spasms, leg and back cramps, brittle bones, rickets, poor growth, osteoporosis, and depression. But if you are getting a lot of calcium and still have symptoms, maybe it is time for calcium with magnesium.

Deficiency of magnesium can result in not using the calcium you already have. Other symptoms may include heart spasms, nervousness, confusion, muscular excitability, kidney stones, constipation and headaches.

Did you know that a migraine headache is your body screaming for water and magnesium? It is not something you should just cover up with painkillers. After all, it is a warning light to your body. When the fire alarm goes off, do you smash it with a hammer so you do not have to hear it? No you add water to put out the fire. Get Angstrom Calcium Magnesium blend for the perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium.

Our minerals are: Cell Ready, Ionic Minerals, and Water-Soluble Minerals 
Cell Ready = assimilated into the human cell, not just the blood stream
Ionic = possesses an electrical charge
Water Soluble = mineral angstrom sized particles in an aqueous solution

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