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Angstrom Copper Supplement

angstrom copper

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Angstrom Copper
150 ppm

12 bottles to a case

9 bottles to a case

Dosage: 1 Teaspoon. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to
Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D.
for Corrective doses.

Taste: Angstrom Copper is real copper, it taste like sucking on a penny before they became zinc pennies. No sugar, no fillers, just pure copper in water.

So you think you might need a copper supplement? Do you want your wrist to turn green wearing a copper bracelet. Heck maybe bracelets are not even your thing! There is a better option!

Angstrom Copper
One of the most absorbable copper supplements.

What does copper do?

Along with Angstrom Liquid Zinc, these two liquid minerals are helpful in enzyme reactions like digestion and coloring of the hair etc. If you see someone who is in their early thirties with spots of grey hair, you can bet they are low on copper.

Copper deficiencies may be linked to hair turning gray and anemia. If you do not get enough copper in your diet, you may not be able carry the iron necessary for healthy blood and thus become anemic.

Let's think of some electrical systems. For Example, Your house is full of wires. They transfer electricity to all the points in the house where you want to operate some device. All of those wires are made of copper. Ok, ok I know some of you have old aluminum wires, why do you think your hose will not pass code? Because copper is better. It conducts better. Now think of your body.


The brain is the master electrical panel connected to the delivery system, the spinal cord. It requires copper! Just like your house, aluminum is not good. Aluminum is poison to the body. Stop drinking from aluminum cans, pots and pans. Ever heard of Alzheimer's? It can be caused by too much aluminum and not enough copper. The greatest concentration of copper is found in the liver and the brain. If your brain does not have enough copper, then the whole rest of the body suffers a lack of proper communication.

Copper is on of those minerals that should be taken separately.

There are many ways to get copper. Some of the foods we eat are sources of copper. Sesame seeds, cashews, soy beans and barley all have Copper. Some People try to get more copper by wearing copper bracelets that turn their wrist green. OK, if you like green skin I guess. The easiest is to take a liquid Copper supplement like Angstrom Copper. Choose the best! Choose Angstrom!

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