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Angstrom Molybdenum

Angstrom Molybdenum Supplement

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Angstrom Molybdenum
15 ppm

12 bottles to a case

9 bottles to a case

Dosage: 2 Tablespoons or 1 ounce. Refer to individual mineral bottle for dosages and to Angstrom Mineral Information & Reference Guide By Annette Hasalone N.D. for Corrective doses.

Taste:Light mineral Water flavor.

Angstrom molybdenum, now there is a mineral that you do not hear about every day on TV., but it is an important mineral for health. It is found in the liver, kidneys, skin and in the bones.

Some of the symptoms associated with Molybdenum deficiency are mouth and gum conditions and cancers. The American diet of processed foods and a lot of sugar leads to a deficiency of molybdenum. This diet is often called S.A.D.(Standard American Diet). And it really is sad that we eat so poorly and have so much available to us. Quality foods no longer have enough flavor after eating highly processed foods with their mixes of wonderful chemical flavors. These foods are void of the nutrition we need for optimal health.

Deficiency of this Molybdenum has been associated with impotence in older males, anemia, loss of appetite and weight as well as stunted growth. The real need for this mineral is still being studied.

A study conducted by Dr. Cooter, as shown in his book Beating Chronic Illness, brought out some interesting facts in connection with molybdenum deficiency. He stated, " At least a decade's worth of personal experimentation had led me to find answers to my own poor health involving chronic fatigue, extreme muscular weakness, generalized pain, insomnia, and other disgusting things...The chief player in resolving my problems was an essential trace mineral, molybdenum." More is being discovered about molybdenum and the conditions that can be attributed to its deficiency.

The FDA does not have a RDA for Molybdenum. In fact, they don't even have a clue you might need it. the RDA of other minerals is mostly hype and changes all of the time. I will say one thing, you cannot set a RDA (Recommended Daily allowance) that covers everyone. But that is how people judge their mineral intake. Since every one is so different, our mineral needs are different also. You must find what you lack and then experiment until you take enough to feel the difference.

The estimated safe range for intake of this trace mineral is up to 250 mcg (micrograms) per day for adults. As with any thing you can get too much. Excessive intake of Molybdenum can result in gout like symptoms such as swollen, painful joints, and can interfere with the body's ability to metabolize copper. Dietary sources of molybdenum include lean meats, whole grain cereals, breads, legumes, peas, beans and green leafy vegetables.

So if you need molybdenum, make sure you get one that is going to work. Angstrom molybdenum is the most absorbable molybdenum. It is 99.9% bio-available. That means you body can use it. You cannot use the iron in a nail. It must be small enough to enter the cell like angstrom minerals are.

Choose Angstrom Molybdenum!

Deficiency Symptoms
Muscular Weakness
Mouth Disorders
Stunted Growth
Generalized pain
Loss of Apetite
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