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Angstrom Sulfur Mineral Supplement

Angstrom Sulfur

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Angstrom Sulfur
2000 ppm = 10 mg/tsp

2000 ppm = 10 mg/tsp

9 to a case
Get Stronger Sulfur ----     Super Sulfur 6000 ppm

Sulfur is an essential mineral.

Essential Minerals Non-Essential Minerals Correctional

No Fillers 100% Elemental Mineral

Name: Angstrom Liquid Sulfur

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Ingredients: Sulfur, Reverse Osmosis Water

Taste: Pleasantly mild flavor

Strength: 2000 ppm

ppm Conversion:
2000 ppm = 10 mg per tsp

Manufacturers Suggested Dosage: 1/2 - 1 oz

Servings per 32 oz Container: 32

Expiration: Angstrom Minerals DO NOT EXPIRE!
White sticker on the bottle is the date of manufacture.

Suggested use: Sublingual - hold under the tongue for 15 seconds, the swallow remaining water.

Angstrom Sulfur is known as a healing mineral. It is necessary for collagen synthesis. When we think of sulfur, we think of stinky smells, rotten egg gas, etc. But the truth is, that is sulfur mixed with other chemicals. Angstrom Sulfur does not smell.

Sulfur detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation. It can reduces muscle cramps and back pain and plays an important role to removed inflammation. MSM or fundamental sulfur helps move water through the cells to promote muscles to heal and increases energy and helps the liver produce Choline.

Angstrom Sulfur functions in the body: Sulfur helps protect the fat layer in the brain and around the nerves called the myelin sheath. Manganese is another mineral that plays an important role in that preservation of the myelin sheath.

Sulfur also promotes flow of bile and helps regulate the brain and heart. Other things ic can do are Stimulate reproductive processes, Promote healthy skin, nails and hair, Lubricant between the joints. Boy ! Who knew sulfur was so important. And you thought it was just a stinky smell!

An average person contains about 4 ounces of Sulfur in the body. Angstrom Sulfur has great influence upon the liver, bile secretions and aids in the production of protoplasm. Sulfur affects every cell and through agitation enables the cell to eliminate toxic substances. It pulls water in and cleans house. When I take sulfur, I don't get stiff after a workout. Why? because it washes out the lactic acid that causes stiffness in the muscle. A clean muscle can build and become stronger quicker. A combination of Angstrom Liquid Sulfur and vitamin C reported a greater benefit; this combination was especially useful in correcting leg cramps as in athletes who experience severe leg cramps during sports activities.

Sulfur is necessary to develop strong mental patterns. "A proper reserve of Sulfur insures uniform temperature and regulates nerve impulses, but too much or too little Sulfur upsets the functions of the body." 24

Sulfur is an oil in its pure form; it is the flexible bond that holds your cells together making your skin look good without wrinkles.   Angstrom Liquid Sulfur also is the lubricant found between the joints.  Before your body can use you need Vitamin C.

It is said that Sulfur oil is the ingredient that repairs the Myelin Sheath. Damage to the Myelin Sheath causes the shaking condition in palsy, multiple sclerosis, Lorenzo's disease and many other disease conditions, where there are uncontrollable motor functions.

Some of the other minerals that aid in maintaining the myelin sheath included Angstrom Manganese. and

A deficiency of Angstrom Sulfur can be rashes and/or lack of cellular regeneration. "It is found in hemoglobin and works with Iron to keep healthy blood. It is needed for the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is that principal protein that gives the skin its elasticity."

Does you pet like to eat grass? Does it scratch all the time but does not have fleas? These are signs of not enough sulfur in your pet's diet. The sulfur provided the flexible bond in the skin tissue and has now resulted in dry, brittle skin. Another sigh of low sulfur is show in birds that pull out their feathers. Caged birds pull out feathers in an attempt to relieve the pain of dry cracking skin.

Nutritional Sulfur is required for proper digestion. When I get acid reflux or heart burn, just a sip of Angstrom sulfur can cool it in seconds. Sulfur is needed for metabolism of carbohydrates. If you are trying to be a vegetarian and find yourself a carbohydrate junkie, you had better have enough sulfur. Sulfur influences liver, promotes bile secretion, regulates nerve impulses, cell formation.

In reproduction, Sulfur is essential in the stimulation of egg and sperm production, without sulphur babies could not be born or chickens hatched.

Proper Angstrom Liquid Sulfur levels are useful in protecting the body when exposed to radiation. Individuals with symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with various musculoskeletal system disorders including arthritis report substantial and long-lasting relief.

Migraine sufferers also have obtained substantial relief. Angstrom Magnesium Also may be helpful for headaches. Arthritic patients report relief from pain and stiffness as well as reduced swelling and inflammation. Angstrom Gold is also useful for arthritis.

Some individuals with chronic to severe allergies to environmental materials and other diverse allergies have reported relief of their symptoms.  Allergy symptoms ranged from respiratory congestion to inflammation, itching, mucoid discharges and general discomfort. Angstrom Sulfur detoxifies the body and increases blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps and back pain, removes inflammation, permits muscles to heal, increases energy alertness, mental calmness and the ability to concentrate.   "Angstrom Liquid Sulfur aids in dissolving acids in the body, improves circulation, normalizes heart action, and acts as an oxidizing agent in the blood." 27   Angstrom Liquid Sulfur further scavenges free radicals, relieves allergies to food, sand pollens, helps the liver produce choline, and controls acidity in stomach ulcers.   It also coats intestinal tract so parasites lose ability to hang on, helps with hypersensitivity to drugs, increases body's ability to produce insulin, is important for carbohydrate metabolism and speeds wound healing.  It has also been extremely helpful in stopping urinary tract infections and constipation problems.

If you lack sulfur, you don't want to eat that stinky sulfur. You want a sulfur that is cell ready and 99.9% useable by the body. Choose Angstrom Sulfur!

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