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Angstrom Minerals- Where do I Start

Understanding the term Angstrom!

Angstrom is a unit of measure equal to one hundred-millionth of a centimeter, 10-10 meter, used mainly to express wavelengths and interatomic distances. You have to have a super small measurement when measuring atoms of elements. Minerals are elements on the periodic chart. They come from the earth. The earth is made up of minerals.

Is pico smaller than angstrom?
Yes, pico is a smaller measurement than Angstrom.

So are pico minerals more absorbable or smaller than Angstrom minerals?

NO! Ask yourself this question: If I measure my bed room in inches or feet which one is smaller. Inches is a smaller form of measurement. So is 12 inches or a foot longer? 12 inches is bigger because the number 12 is bigger than 1 right?

NO! They are the same. So wheather you measure atoms of a mineral in Angstroms or Pico meters it does not matter. Atoms are the size they are and the measurement name is irrelevant.

The term "Pico minerals" or "Pico Ionic Minerals" were invented in 2012 to compete with Angstrom minerals that have been on the market for over 40 years now.

So can there ever be anything smaller than Angstrom minerals?

NO, you can measure smaller and smaller, but the atom of an element will never get any smaller. What happens when you split an atom with out recombining the outer shell with some other element? Atomic devastation!

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